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Monday, January 28, 2019

Pipe Belt Job Complete .... 18, 264 ft.

Pipe Belt- How to move Coal from the Port to the Plant without spillage or dust // Project Completed:

Working in Conjunction with our Field Service Authorized Splice and Mechanical Partner -the excellent group from American Mechanical Services based out of Chicago- we embarked on a Joint Project to supply and install 18,264 ft. of Steel Cable Pipe Conveyor Belt for a Power Generation facility. 

Logistically, it was a challenge - (13) rolls -43,500# each - had to be shipped by Container to the Port Facility, unloaded and then positioned for the physically tough job of pulling the old Pipe Belt off, the new Pipe Belt on one roll at a time and vulcanizing each connection to end up with about a 3.5 mile continuous Pipe Belt Delivery System.

This is the Port Unloading System 
( unloads Coal and then thru a few transfer systems it ends up on the Pipe Belt
for the "continuous closed" transport to the Generating Plant )

                         Unloading the first of (13) 43,500# rolls from the Container to the Dock


  Rolls were shipped on special cassette configured rolls to allow for container height restrictions

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