High Performance Conveyor Belting

Monday, January 28, 2019


                      CONVEYOR BELT 

  HAMAHEAT - the Leader in Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt

            >  Handles loads up to 750 Degrees  F

            >  Superior Abrasion Resistance

            >  Reliable Vulcanized Splices

            > Manufactured to Width with Molded Edges

            > Lower Cost Per Tonnage Performance

   Yokohama has dedicated years of research to delivery key breakthroughs in heat tolerance, abrasion resistance and splice adhesion when it comes to the development of their High Heat application  Conveyor Belt Technology. 

            HAMAHEAT Conveyor Belts 

              > Resists hardening and cracking
              > Maintain cover tensile strength 5 times greater
                   than the two nearest competitors
              > Improved cover performance under extreme heat
                   conditions extends life and minimizes carry back
              > Premature belt failure due to cracking and blistering
                   is greatly diminished with this high end technology
              > Resists cupping and curling which leads to better
                   tracking, and molded edges reduce delamination
                   and the typical loss in edge integrity


                    Call the Belt Doctor : 269-830-6870

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                      Advanced Rubber Technologies 
                      CONVEYOR BELT DIVISION
           Division of American Chemical Technologies


    Gary Hanson - VP/ General Manager Conveyor Belt Division

    Ross Kovanda - VP / American Chemical Technologies


              Conveyor Belt Warehouse  > Gary Indiana

             Corporate Office  > Fowlerville , Michigan



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