High Performance Conveyor Belting

Sunday, April 29, 2018

2018 - Expanded Belt Products provide New Customer Opportunities

       High Performance Conveyor Belting from Duraline ...

 Steel Cable, Fabric Construction, Specialty Pipe Conveyor Belt, MSHA, Grade 1 and Grade 2 Belts all available with our Duraline Conveyor Belt products. Nationwide Stocking and Warehouse support, splicing crews available in multiple locations.

 Manufactured to the highest specifications utilizing application knowledge and performance expectations of the end user - the Duraline product range contains a wide range of compounds, great strength ratings and fabric and steel cable technology.

      Outstanding Lead Times

      Pricing that will deliver great Cost Savings ...
      But .....NO sacrificing of performance, reliability, or expected Belt Life.


                           # 1 Hot Belt Technology on the Market - the Hamaheat Belt !!

                                                  RUN HOTTER LOADS LONGER

                                                   Handles loads up to 750 F (400 C)

                                                       Super Abrasion Resistance

                                                          Lower Cost per Tonnage

                                                        Reliable Splice Performance

                                Stocked in many Widths and Cover and Ply Specifications

                                MAKE US your First Stop for  your Hot Belt applications !! 

                             Stock Belt for all Standard Belt Options - Grade 2 Compound

                  ( Complete Support for  Aggregate, Slag, and Lime Processing Systems ) 

                        Stock Widths and Specifications:

                       2/220 - 1/8"   x 1/16" covers   Widths  24", 30", 36" 1000 ft max rolls
                       3/330 - 3/16" x 1/16" covers   Widths  30", 36", 42" 1000 ft. max rolls
                       4/440 - 1/4"   x 1/16" covers   Widths  36", 48", 60" 1000 ft. max rolls

                      Specialty Belts:    Grain, Oil and Heat Resistant, Hot Asphalt Belt
                                                     Basic SBR Hot Belts for 400 F rated applications 

                       Fabricated Belts:

                             Feeder Belts, Mag Separator Belts, Coal Feeders
                             Cleated and Chevron Incline Belts
                             Sidewall and Pocket Belts for Raw Material Feed applications

                              Specialty Hose and Die Cut Rubber Parts also available 

                  ➤   Complete Line of V-Belts, Drive Belts, and Specialty Timing Belts

                          Specialty Conveyor Belts - Light and Heavy Weight

                          Specific Application Designed Hot Belts ( 24" and 30" widths)


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