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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

WHY are we expanding our Product Offerings in Conveyor Belting ?

   "Change is not always Bad - especially when it serves to give the customers what they expect and deserve - and that is our ultimate objective"

" And this is why we are changing our direction!"

                             Gary Hanson , the Belt Doctor

                            Advanced Rubber Technologies


There have been a lot of changes going on in the Heavy Conveyor Belt World the last 6-8 years or so ... and most of them have not had the Customer in mind, in fact the least of their motivations was improving the product or level of service for the customer. At the center of many of the acquisitions, mergers, and changes in strategy have been the goal of making money, keeping stockholders happy, and creating a bigger piece of the pie for themselves. Most of the time when greed and self service are at the center of change, the customer and end user of the product ends up with the short end of the straw.

In so many of these circumstances over the last many years, the Conveyor Belt end users have been  taken for granted, had quality and performance manipulated, and have seen lead times be pushed out while raising prices without clear justification of raw material increases. It has been a perplexing time to be both a participant as well as an observer in the Heavy Weight Conveyor Belt business.

Let's be brutally honest, when Investment Bankers and Hedge Fund Companies buy a Conveyor Belt company, it's not to "make a long term commitment to invest and make conveyor belting" - it is to play with the cost structure, reduce overhead and personnel and run for a period of years to maximize the ROI and then get out. This creates a formula that results in factories not being updated, cap-ex projects being ignored and the loss of good personnel with years of critical experience being eliminated or leaving.

For those of us who have blindly hung in there, worked our tails off to create dominance in a marketplace so groups could buy one another and then see our role marginalized for political and convenience - well change is the only direction that makes sense for both us and our well deserving customers!

This has created a perfect storm for a "Group" like Advanced Rubber Technologies. We are flexible, we are nimble, we are accustom to rolling up our sleeves and getting dirty, and we have at the very center of our mission statement - " providing solutions "!

When we are getting only some orders within large customers, and time and time again see our competitors taking these customers for granted, not servicing them, and simply taking orders while ignoring increasing lead times and passing on escalating pricing without explanations - its time to step up and get the customer what they deserve and desire.

                High Performance Conveyor Belt

                Experienced Field Service and Assistance

                Lower Cost of  Ownership

                Increased Belt Life and Less Downtime

To accomplish these things we need to be selective in our Conveyor Belt Brands, be vigilant in our commitment to service, and offer fair pricing that still allows us to be a growing organization but at the same time delivers a lower acquisition target for our customer.

It is a Win / Win formula for us, the customer, and the application process. We increase our depth of penetration into an account, the customer gets lower cost, increased performance, and longer belt life. It meets everyone's expectations except the vendors that have been part of the fraternity of the habitual Distributor and Belt Manufacturers that have lost site of why they got in the Conveyor Belt business to begin with - WE HAVEN'T!

We came out of the Gate with a bang ... taking care of an old customer who had relocated and changed jobs, but remembered the belt distributor and the mechanical millwright group that always was there to roll up their sleeves during emergencies and outages. So a 3.5 mile ( 18, 264 ft.) order for Steel Cable belt and a 45 day installation project was our first notch in the belt with Duraline and we are off and running.

Since then, more Steel Cable orders, orders for Fabric belt, and more projects and challenges on the horizon. 

Duraline High Performance Conveyor Belt
Yokohama Hamaheat - Superior Hot Belt Technology
Apache Fabricated Sidewall and Standard Belt Options

We are equipped for the most challenging applications as well as the basic material handling requirements. We have you covered!

So here we come .... ready to serve and meet our customer's needs and expectations!

                                Call us Today !!!



Multiple Warehouse locations

National Field Service Capability

Field Technical Sales and Service Support second to None

Project Team Capability for Customer System's Enhancement


Sunday, April 29, 2018

2018 - Expanded Belt Products provide New Customer Opportunities

       High Performance Conveyor Belting from Duraline ...

 Steel Cable, Fabric Construction, Specialty Pipe Conveyor Belt, MSHA, Grade 1 and Grade 2 Belts all available with our Duraline Conveyor Belt products. Nationwide Stocking and Warehouse support, splicing crews available in multiple locations.

 Manufactured to the highest specifications utilizing application knowledge and performance expectations of the end user - the Duraline product range contains a wide range of compounds, great strength ratings and fabric and steel cable technology.

      Outstanding Lead Times

      Pricing that will deliver great Cost Savings ...
      But .....NO sacrificing of performance, reliability, or expected Belt Life.


                           # 1 Hot Belt Technology on the Market - the Hamaheat Belt !!

                                                  RUN HOTTER LOADS LONGER

                                                   Handles loads up to 750 F (400 C)

                                                       Super Abrasion Resistance

                                                          Lower Cost per Tonnage

                                                        Reliable Splice Performance

                                Stocked in many Widths and Cover and Ply Specifications

                                MAKE US your First Stop for  your Hot Belt applications !! 

                             Stock Belt for all Standard Belt Options - Grade 2 Compound

                  ( Complete Support for  Aggregate, Slag, and Lime Processing Systems ) 

                        Stock Widths and Specifications:

                       2/220 - 1/8"   x 1/16" covers   Widths  24", 30", 36" 1000 ft max rolls
                       3/330 - 3/16" x 1/16" covers   Widths  30", 36", 42" 1000 ft. max rolls
                       4/440 - 1/4"   x 1/16" covers   Widths  36", 48", 60" 1000 ft. max rolls

                      Specialty Belts:    Grain, Oil and Heat Resistant, Hot Asphalt Belt
                                                     Basic SBR Hot Belts for 400 F rated applications 

                       Fabricated Belts:

                             Feeder Belts, Mag Separator Belts, Coal Feeders
                             Cleated and Chevron Incline Belts
                             Sidewall and Pocket Belts for Raw Material Feed applications

                              Specialty Hose and Die Cut Rubber Parts also available 

                  ➤   Complete Line of V-Belts, Drive Belts, and Specialty Timing Belts

                          Specialty Conveyor Belts - Light and Heavy Weight

                          Specific Application Designed Hot Belts ( 24" and 30" widths)


Saturday, April 28, 2018

AIST - Philadelphia MAY 7-10 Annual Conference

AIST Annual Conference will be in Philadelphia - May 7th-10th

Association of Iron and Steel Technology

Gary Hanson ( the Belt Doctor ) will be presenting a Technical Paper for the Iron and Coke Making Committee Attendees - " Hot Belt Conveyor Belt Technology"
Monday Morning 10 am - Room 204B

Advanced Rubber Technologies as well as our Parent Company - American Chemical Technologies will be part of the SUPER BOOTH -  a group of 10 + related and assocatied Vendor Teams that will offer solutions, information, and technology to all attendees who stop by our Booth

Booth # 2638     Advanced Rubber Technologies      Gary Hanson
Booth # 2637     American Chemical Technologies   Ross Kovanda / Tom Mills
Booth # 2636     Caster Maintenance                          Jim Kelley
Booth # 2738     DLZ                                                  Kurt Schmiegel / Chuck Anderson


Thursday, February 22, 2018

Steel Cable Pipe Belt

38 years I have been in the Conveyor Belt Industry and I never get tired of working on new challenges and new opportunities. So when a previous customer contact who had re-located to a new company and a new location called with a problem ... we jumped all in. 

The initial call came in regarding splice issues on a Steel Cable Pipe Belt so immediately our authorized Splicing and Repair contractor -  AMS got involved ( excellent Millwrights and Mechanical Contractor ). We consulted over the phone and discussed what was involved and needed to repair and re-splice a Steel Cable Pipe Belt. We gathered the current customer specifications on this Overland Belt System, discussed the potential opportunity, and then a group of 4 Millwrights were dispatched out to the customer .... an 11 hour flight and onto an Island with Fed Ex'd tools in route - the customer problem solving effort began.

Over a 7 day period, two re-splices and one repair were completed, some assistance on re-tracking and adjusting some of the sophisticated pipe system idlers was also accomplished and we had a very happy customer. The repairs and re-splices were successful, and the Pipe System was back running satisfactory ... transporting and delivering coal some 1.75 miles into the Power Plant from a Marine Terminal. Total Pipe Belt System .... 3.5 miles!

The next call we got was even better. They wanted and have scheduled an outage in May/June ... and they'd like us to quote a new Steel Cable Pipe Belt to install in that window of time. Can we quote it, can we be competitive, and can we provide a Lead Time that meets their needs and expectations?

The answer after days of working tirelessly and rigorously ... was YES!

Over a three week period of armwrestling, tweaking, working out logistics and freight ... and going against the biggest and boldest competitors .... we WON! The  Team of AMS and Advanced Rubber Technologies accomplished what many dream of .... an Order for a 3.5 miles ( plus spare material) of Steel Cable Pipe Belt. For the Belt Doctor .... the single largest footage order of my young 38 year career .... a nice 7 figure belt sale and a nice 6 figure installation package. Teamwork and Networking worked as it should and we are off and coordinating manufacturing, shipping, the logistics of shipping tools and a winder and other supplies to an Island and a customer that we are looking forward to establishing a long term relationship to be their Belt and Mechanical " go to Team" for all Belt and Mechanical System needs.

63" wide
17,000 ft. long ( plus a spare roll)
this system will load flat, then curl up and configure into a 400 mm pipe diameter and transport 
coal without any environmental impact as it is a closed delivery system from Port to Plant.

I can only tell you how satisfying it is to work on a project with other seasoned veterans and WIN!

At an age when others are slowing down, thinking of hanging it up and retiring to do some mundane hobby ... the Belt Doctor is enjoying ever minute of this, and it goes hand in hand with my philosophy of working like Pete Rose played baseball, and rather than coasting toward the finish line I plan on going full speed and sliding head first across the finish line.  So full speed ahead ... looking for the next challenge and the next customer we can solve a problem, meet an expectation, and deliver the end result that was put in front of us.

This is just an example of what our Team can do ...
We have the Mechanical Team
We have Manufacturers available to meet any challenge
And we listen to the Customer and solve your needs !!!

Ready for the next call ....  
As I've always said .... we make House Calls .... and even on islands ...11 hours away!

Thursday, January 25, 2018


Happy New Year to all followers and material handling users ... 2018 is going to be a very exciting year!

The American Economy has re-ignited, manufacturing is hitting new RPM and orders for goods and services are seeing growth like we haven't seen in over a decade!

Now is the time to look at Projects that were on the back burner, improvements you have had on your Bucket List, and enhancements to systems and processes that were gathering dust. Let's do whatever we can to help you re-kindle all those ideas and priorities and expectations and make some things happen for your operation in 2018!





269-830-6870    " the Belt Doctor " .....    Gary Hanson