High Performance Conveyor Belting

Monday, September 18, 2017

Belt Doctor will be in Hollywood Florida NEXT WEEK at the National Slag Association Meeting !!


If you are attending the National Slag Association Meeting at the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood Florida next Week ... the Belt Doctor will be speaking Thursday Morning during the Morning Technical Presentations - September 28th!

Thursday, August 3, 2017



2 ply 220#  Grade 2      .>   30" and 36"                    1,000 ft rolls   STOCK - CALL US !

3 ply 330#  Grade 2      >    30", 36" , 42" , 60"        1,000 ft rolls   STOCK - CALL US!

4 ply  440# Grade 2      >    36", 48" , 60"                  1,000 ft rolls   STOCK - CALL US!



4 ply MSHA  440 #   >   36", 42", 48" , 54" , 60" , 72" and 84"  STOCK - CALL US !

3 ply MSHA  600 #   >   60" wide

4 ply MSHA 600 #    >  60" wide                                                         STOCK


2 ply 220#   30" wide 400 F Conti Vulcan                           800 ft STOCK - CALL US!

3 ply 330 # Hot and Oil Service  Apache 36" x 791 ft.                 STOCK - CALL US!


3 ply 600# Abrasion Resist.     Conti 36" 3/8x1/4 covers 600 ft  STOCK - CALL US !


4" and 6"  60 durometer x 50 ft rolls                                      STOCK - CALL US!

special also 

Pull from Inventory, Cut, and Load ...... another Statisfied Customer gets Excellent Customer Service !!

Stacker Belt Installation - Lime Stone 4 ply 600# 60" wide belt

Friday, May 5, 2017

MAY 8-10th

 Association for Iron and Steel Convention

           Advanced Rubber Technologies
                       Booth 2509

        " Part of the SUPER BOOTH " 

   Hourly Drawings for the Vulcan Hot Box
              Special Cayanne Hot Sauce 
   featuring the Best Hot Belt on the Market
      for your hot product conveying  needs.

                 Super Booth has :

         and Celebrity Characterist
               producing personal 
        Character Renderings for your
             visit to the Super Booth !

                       Questions:   Call
                       the Belt Doctor 
                         Gary Hanson


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Stay tuned ....new things coming!

Coming in January ...since we have been acquired by American Chemical Technologies, we have been busy getting ready to put a new face on Advanced Rubber Technologies ... a new website, new color scheme for our logo, a user friendly line card ... all in the works.

2017 is going to be a year of new exposure, increased commitment to additional Markets and Customer Segments , and an expanded product range and increased vendor support. All of this will result in improved capabilities, greater levels of efficiency, and the growth that will fuel our future.

I am very excited about my role of managing this Division under the new ownership of the Kovanda brothers and American Chemical Technologies ... they have been leaders in their respective industrial category, and now they are bringing that enthusiasm, dynamic  customer service, and capital commitment to our Conveyor Belt  Division.

The next several years is going to be fun, rewarding, and exciting. STAY TUNED!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Announcement - HIGH IMPORTANCE!!

It's official ....last week Advanced Rubber Technologies has been acquired by American Chemical Technologies, a global leader in fluid and lubricant technology with manufacturing facilities in Fowlerville, Michigan and Bowling Green, Kentucky and a Midwest Warehouse in Gary, Indiana.

The synergy between the two organizations has existed for awhile .... we have shared the same Midwest Warehouse in Gary, Indiana for the past 7 years...and our two organizations service and support an overlapping customer base and market concentration. Our efforts are tied to Steel, Coke Making, Power Generation, Petro Chemical, and Marine. Ross Kovanda, the VP and one of three Kovanda brothers who own American Chemical Technologies has been across the hall from me as we have shared office space in our large warehouse and we have become great business associates, friends, and on many days have rolled up our sleeves and helped each other out.

When Anchor Holding Group decided they wanted to focus on their core products and perhaps spin off the Conveyor Belt Division ( Advanced Rubber Technologies)...Ross Kovanda and ACT were my first thought. An organization who was customer focused, committed to providing product based solutions, and had connections and a reputation second to none in the industries that we had a shared investment. The obvious added bonus, we were already in the same building .... no moving inventory or equipment, in the location we need to be for servicing the NWI Steel Mills, and across the hall with our offices. It was a perfect situation for hooking the wagons together and expanding opportunities to grow.

The ink is just drying but we are busy writing orders, making plans and exploring the great potential we have in front of us. Another Warehouse partner in our complex is Caster Maintenance managed by Jim Kelley ...a great organization serving many of the same customers and a leader in their field, our association and synergy with Jim and his organization is another added bonus to our location .... Jim is a great knowledge resource  and the daily interaction of these three companies always produces activity that is packed with opportunity with the added bonus of good spirited comaradery.

2017 is going to be a very good year, and the future is full of expectations of growth and success as we pursue goals and objectives that are now connected versus just running parallel.

Happy New Year and stay tuned ... this is going to be a fun ride !

Gary Hanson
" the Belt Doctor"