High Performance Conveyor Belting

Saturday, December 31, 2016

     Happy New Year to all my customers, co-workers, contractors, and vendors.
     2016 has been a very challenging year for those of us supporting and servicing
     Heavy Industrial, Mining, and Power Generation Markets .... but good days and
     better times are ahead. I believe our Industries are going to see a re-birth and
     new emphasis as we begin to stop penalizing but supporting the hard working
     people and industries that have built this country.

     Advance Rubber Technologies will be seeing some changes starting in 2017 ... more
     on that this week, But it is all good!

     The " Belt Doctor " will continue to be here and ready to troubleshoot, problem
     solve and service my customers and potential customers with 40 years of my
     experience in Industrial Markets ... with 38 of those years in Conveyor Belting.

     Please have a safe and joyous New Years ... we will be back to roll up our sleeves
     on Tuesday .... ready to work for you and with you!

     Gary Hanson
     " the Belt Doctor"

Friday, September 23, 2016

New Website ....."Check it out"!


Now you have the Belt Doctor Product Blog and the very informative and resource filled pages of the "new" Contitech -Heritage website to answer your questions and look for ways to solve your Conveyor Belt and Material Handling probless.

Check it out !!!

Have a Safe Day !
  the Belt Doctor
  Gary Hanson

Thursday, April 21, 2016

 A pipe conveyor belt differs from a conventional, troughed belt in its design and splicing technology and performs special conveying tasks.
Mining and industrial applications often require relatively large inclines and tight curves to be overcome in tight spaces and at high mass flow rates.  Features of modern pipe belt conveyors include: no transfer points, no material spillage along the conveyor route, and tight 3D curves. Pipe belt conveyors save space thanks to their compact design, navigate natural terrain, including steep conveyor angles up to 30°.

CALL THE BELT DOCTOR   269-830-6870 for more details !!

Great for the Environment
Great for controlling Dust and Spillage
Great for transport over roads and other traffic areas

  New Hot Belt Options - 
Currently the # 1 Conveyor Belt in the World - Contitech Heritage High Performance Conveyor Belt  has the best HOT BELT  Selection in the Market .... and now they are improving on their already superior performance.
 Developing a Modular System that can be built and tailored to a application specific need.
Utilizing Organic Material, existing Fiberglass technology, and superior Contitech Compounds, they have developed a system that can offer outstanding heat resistant qualities while still maintaining structural integrity of the carcass and tension members. This means longer belt life = Total Cost of Ownership savings for the enduser!!
Modular System for Temperature-Resistant Conveyor Belts
2. Basalt fiber BF
3. Isolation layer HEAT CONTROL
4. Textile reinforcement
5. Intermediate rubber
6. Textile reinforcement