High Performance Conveyor Belting

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Now (4) Leading HOT BELT for Handling Extreme Material Challenges

            Contitech - HERITAGE // Leading the Way in Hot Belt material handling 

                          Vulcan  - Classic
                               > SBR based compound that handles Medium Heat applications,
                                  material temperatures up to 300 F constant
                                     ( intermittent spikes to 400 F)

                          Vulcan - Prime
                             > EPDM based compound that handles High Heat applications, 
                                 material temperatures up to 400 F constant
                                     (intermittent spikes to 700 F plus)

                          Vulcan - Prime w/ Fiberglass Breaker
                            > EPDM based Compound for Extreme Heat applications,
                               material temperatures up to 400 F constant
                                    ( intermittent spikes to 700 F Plus)
                              (the Fiberglass Breaker prevents Burn Through up to 1300 F)

                          Vulcan - Optimum
                            > Modified Polymer Compound for Extreme Heat
                               material temperatures up to 430 F constant
                                     ( spikes to 750 F Plus)

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