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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Contitech's purchase of Venyance Technologies will be in full effect with all the Operating Changes in place by April 1st!

Now Contitech's Industrial Conveyor Belt will have the following (4) Business Units:

Contitech - HERITAGE line 

> this will be the traditional Contitech High Performance Conveyor Belt, supported by the Contitech facilities and factories and technology. It is called the HERITAGE line because it is the Cadillac of the Conveyor Belting World ... the World Leader and will continue to be just that. Distribution will be continued through the previous Contitech Distributors.

Contitech - SELECT line

> this will be the former Veyance Technologies and Goodyear Engineered Products Belt, supported by the former Goodyear factories and facilities. Specifications will be the previous Goodyear brands and specs and will NOT contain any Contitech technology from the Heritage line. Distribution will continue to be with the former Goodyear GAD Distribution Network.

Contitech LEGG GROUP

> this will be the previous Legg Belting company out of Kansas, and will continue as a separate special products group and be an independent source of specialty and small run conveyor belt available to general distribution.

Contitech PHOENIX

> this will be all underground Conveyor belt to support Underground Mining.

Special Note: 

Contitech Heritage Distributors will not have access to Contitech Select line
Contitech Select Distributors will not have access to Contitech Heritage line


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