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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Contitech widens it's Product Group ....

FLEXOWELL - Conveyor Belts
Designed for Horizontal, Steep Inclined and Vertical Handling of all kinds
of bulk material - from coarse size coal and ore, to rock, sand and fertilizer

High Incline Conveyor Belts with Sidewalls
Technically Engineered MAXOFLEX conveyor belts provide reliable transport of all
types of material and are capable of operating at inclines of up to 90 degress where needed

Contitech in their active pursuit and acquisition of leading manufacturing opportunities that compliment their World Wide Leadership in Conveyor Belt Technology and Market Share have
added the FLEXOWELL and MAXOFLEX products and fabrication companies to their group of
facilities and holdings ...enhancing Contitech's ability to provide our customers with the full spectrum of technology to handle even the most challenging of industrial applications.

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Gary Hanson - Advanced Rubber Technologies

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