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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Contitech Hot Service Belts - Superior Performance!

Coke Plants - Wharf Belts

With Temperature Spikes well above 1000 degrees F , the Coke Oven Wharf Belt is a severe test of Conveyor Belting. Contitech has developed a High Performance EPDM belt with a Fiberglass Breaker that provides rubber cover protection of a constant 400 degree F, with a second line of defense being the 1300 degree F rated fiberglass breaker situated below the top cover but above the reinforced carcass of the conveyor belt. The EPDM compound will give continuous heat resistance for the normal operating conditions, while the fiberglass will insure against the spike of a hot baking load that would cause certain burn through and catastrophic belt failure if it weren't for the fiberglass breaker.

Other Contitech Hot Service Belts :

  • Vulcan 250 - Hot Service Range to 250 degrees F / Good Abrasion Spec
  • Vulcan 300 - Hot Service Range to 300 degrees F / Superior Abrasion Spec
  • Vulcan 400 - Hot Service Range to 400 degrees F / Very Good Abrasion Spec
  • Vulcan 400 SAR - Hot Service to 400 degrees F / Outstanding Abrasion Spec
  • Vulcan OR - Compounded to withstand combination of Heat and Oil

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